How to Get ENDLESS Free Products from Amazon

Yes! You can get free products (a lot of products) from Amazon. This might seem too good to be true, but once you understand the logic behind it, you’ll find it’s very rewarding for both customers and sellers.

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. Many think that Amazon owns all the products you’ll find on their websites: WRONG! Almost two thirds of the products are from private sellers who use the platform to display and sell their goods. You can think of Amazon as an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers.

If you have ever used Amazon, you’ll notice that all the listings are given a rating based on customer feedback. Amazon’s customers rely on these reviews to assess whether the product is as described by its seller: It’s the essence of customer trust.

In order for a seller to compete in the market place, he/she needs to have as many positive reviews as possible: so the more you have, the more you sell. This is what is called “social proof”.

Amazon’s review policy is very rigid. You cannot buy reviews or ask for a positive review All you can do is ask the buyers to give your product honest feedback. Most buyers won’t even take the time to write a review since they have no incentive to do so.

The question is: “how do you get these reviews in the first place?”

Most sellers, once their listings are live, try to get reviews ASAP. The easiest way to reach this goal is to give free or heavily discounted products (80% off at least) in exchange for an honest review. Sellers are literally begging customers (in this case reviewers) to try their products, give them a rating and write a short review.

Now, let’s go back to our topic on how to get free products from Amazon (or at least heavily discounted products). There are 4 major ways to reach our goal:

  • Joining the Vine Voice Community

By being part of the Vine Voice Community, you are actually required to provide a lot of detailed reviews. You also need to get invited which makes it somehow a difficult process for you to go through.

  • Using the Service Known as Tomoson

Many sellers choose to go through a service called Tomoson. In this case you rely on influencers to promote your product to their audiences. You give a number of coupons to these audiences in exchange for reviews.

  • Social Media

You can easily find hundreds of Facebook groups dedicated to Amazon reviews and giveaways. The sellers create a post with the product link. The reviewers send a private message to the sellers with their Amazon profiles (some ask for your address and phone number). The sellers then decide which reviewers should get the coupons.

  • Review Platforms

Several new websites now offer to link reviewers to sellers. They are split in two categories:

  • Subscription Platforms:

In this case you can list your promotion for the reviewers. The reviewers apply to receive a coupon. Once the seller approves the reviewer, a coupon code is automatically sent to the reviewer. This process is much simpler than the previous ones and allows you to have access to a greater list of products (,,

  • Per Campaign Platforms:

This is a professional service that sellers can rely on to help get reviews. Reviewers don’t need to get the approval from the sellers in order to get coupons. It is done through the website automatically. You’ll find a smaller number of products due to the relatively high price for the sellers compared to the subscription websites. In both cases, the reviewers don’t pay anything to the website. (

Based on my experience, I found that the review platforms offer the best experience for reviewers. You can find a great number of products, you receive your coupons quickly and you don’t have to interact with the sellers.

You’ll find below a list of the best review websites we could find. Unfortunately, we did not find many dedicated platform for Amazon Europe. Amazon Europe is getting more and more market shares but due to the language restrictions and a relatively small market compared to the US, all review platforms focus on the later. I’m sure our friends in Europe would love to get discounted products in exchange for honest reviews.

During our research, we stumbled upon ONE website dedicated to Europe: They connect reviewers and sellers from all Amazon European Platforms. You can browse all the offers in Europe (you are not restricted to one country). This feature alone makes you get 5 times the deals you would get compared to focusing on one country. Once you are approved to review a product, you’ll get your coupon. This website even offers different review templates (with 5 languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian). This allows the reviewers to easily honor their commitments of posting a review with literally no extra effort. The website is very simple to navigate and a follow up is done automatically so you won’t forget to post your review.

Once you register for the review websites, it will be very easy to get 2 products per week (for which you will need 10 minutes to write a short review). 2 products x 53 weeks = 106 products per year. This number is very easily attainable and if you are even slightly serious about getting free or heavily discounted products, you can quadruple this number. I will also suggest registering for Amazon Prime to avoid shipping charges.