Find the Perfect Product to Sell on Amazon Europe

Product selection is probably the most important step to start selling a physical product online. This is particularly true for Amazon where many sellers compete in the same platform. Even experienced sellers struggle to find a good product to sell.

Amazon Europe has a relatively low number of customers but, fortunately, the competition is much lower which makes it the perfect marketplace to start an online business.

I first thought that sellers stumble upon wining products and it’s mainly a matter of luck. I was wrong. Once I have done some research on the subject (a lot of research actually), I found that successful sellers follow a blueprint to guaranty that the product will sell. I was very sceptic at first but I gave this process a shot and I can tell you that it is working pretty well. It will take some time to do a proper research but once you find that ”perfect” product, you will be glad you spent some time doing your homework. The extra time doing research will not only save you money (by avoiding a failing product) but it will make your online business successful.

Without further ado, let me share this process with you:

  1. Brainstorming phase. Pick one market you want to start selling into. It could be home and kitchen, sports & Oudoors, Toys (In a further post, I will list all the friendly categories for new sellers)

    1. Start by writing down all the product you bought these last 2 months

    2. Write down the products that interest you

    3. Look at you hobbies and write down the physical products you might need to purchase to enjoy your hobby

    4. Take 2 hours per day (4 x 30 minutes) to browse Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, IT, and SP

  2. Whatever product you pick, you need to be able to build a brand around it. Don’t make the mistake of thinking short term. Once you start your online business, you will quickly need to expand.

  3. You need to think of at least 3 products that can relate to your main item. For example, if you choose Argan Oil as you main product, you might think of Rose Water, Rhassoul Clay, Vitamin C, Barbary Fig Oil

  4. Look for small products (to avoid high shipping costs) with a low number of moving parts (the lower the number, the lower the risk of defective products)

  5. Select the products you are interested in selling. At this stage I will ask you to go one step further and answer these two questions:

    1. Does this item solves a burning pain?

    2. Does it give any pleasure to its user? If it’s not the case, you will find a hard time selling this product. I had a bad experience with one of the items I’m selling, which was very good and useful but not a necessity. For this first product, you have to pick something that will sell at a rate of at least 10-15 per day.

  6. Go to Amazon and write down the keyword you would use to search for this product.

  7. In the top 10 sellers, look for the following green light benchmarks:

    1. Do they all have more than 100 reviews?

    2. Are any notorious brands among the top 10 sellers?

    3. What is the Best Seller Rank (TO EXPLAIN) to estimate the daily number of sales

    4. Which products are sold as “frequently bought together” with these items

    5. What products do these sellers sell as well as the one you initially look into (you might find better products to start with)

  8. Now that you have done this preliminary analysis, and if your product meets most criteria above, you should start looking for suppliers:

    1. At this stage, and based on my experience, I would suggest to look at alibaba and aliexpress. (a post will soon be published on how to contact and select the best suppliers to work with)

    2. Don’t place a large order: start by a maximum of 100 units. I still have a ton of one of my products that didn’t sell well on Amazon I don’t want you to make the same mistakes and this is why I recommend to start by a maximum of 100 units. If everything goes well, you can easily place a second order.

    3. While waiting for your order to be shipped, you should start building a listing. In my case, I’ve done it all. I paid pros to write a listing that convert, I did it by myself, I even had some listing with the bare minimum: What I suggest is to write down you listing by yourself. I will post important recommendations in the near future.

    4. Take quality pictures (don’t go through the hassle of hiring a pro photographer: It’s really not worth it at this stage). I’ll give you some guidelines to follow to have a killer pictures for 10.

    5. Before you listing is up, YOU HAVE to think about getting reviews. Even if you have the best product in the world, without reviews, it will not convert. Customers need social proof and in Amazon, it is the most important thing a customer looks into.

    6. Review Websites are probably the best way to get reviews really quick. Unfortunately, expect from Rank In Europe, we could not find any similar service dedicated to the European Marketplaces.

    7. Thanks to the reviews, you will not only get some social proof but you will also get a bump in the ranking

    8. Once you get your first 10 reviews, you can turn on PPC and see the results.

Hope this post will help you start your online business.

Spreadsheet for product selection