Amazon Doesn't Want You to Read This

The world’s largest online retailer hides some crunchy secrets. It has hundred millions of customers of which a very small part get free products everyday. Most know them as VINE community.

As the number of private sellers grows on Amazon, a larger number of reviews are needed EVERY single day. This is why sellers are happy to offer heavily discounted products (sometimes 100% free products) against a review. Most sellers do not have access to the Vine Community but still can offer their products to us. Many facebook groups have seen the light to accommodate the need to link reviewers to sellers but most of them fail to provide a professional service to both the reviewer and the seller:

  • Reviewers need to fill in a form, provide personal info (address, tel…) and still not get the promised product (which is not fair in my opinion). I personally don’t like to provide any personal info to sellers (it seems so obvious but many people do it)

  • Sellers have to browse each profile that request a code to check if they are legit and, above all, to check if the reviewer actually gives the mighty 5 stars reviews.

As you can see, this situation is not at the best interest of neither party. This is why, some review platforms have emerged: they overcome all the random Facebook groups’ uncertainties while providing all the privacy to both reviewers and sellers. They are completely free for reviewers and against a small free for sellers. This is the win-win situation we all have been looking for. In my opinion, it’s even better than VINE where reviewers have to give many many details on each product they receive.

There is a list of website that offer this service in the US but only one in Europe:

You can now apply for plenty of deals all around Europe, choose to use one of the many review templates (each one is translated in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish) and post you review in a timely manner.

For the sellers, they get to list their products in 60sec, choose the reviewers once they apply and be sure that the reviewer will post the review as agreed.

This is what I call a win-win situation.

Do you remember the last time you posted a review on Amazon for a product you bought (I’m not talking about products you received against a review): I do and it was not for a product I loved

Most reviewers only take the time to post a review if they don’t like the product. This is why sellers are ALWAYS looking for new positive reviews to offset the negative ones.

Amazon wants everyone to believe that all the reviews are made by people who bought the product. But the reality is different and Amazon doesn’t want you to know that.

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