How to Quickly Craft the Best Amazon Reviewer Profile:

Everyday, countless reviewers apply for many coupon codes without getting any. Some feel that it’s unfair, but it’s very important to keep in mind that sellers are willing to offer their products to the ones that will give them the best rating.

Being part of both words, I can give you with some basic recommendations you can start applying right away.

First things first, you have to show the seller that you are a real reviewer and not someone that are going to resell the product. It might seem obvious but some reviewers have made a business out of this.

You need to have a well-written profile, preferably with a picture of you. If you have Prime membership, it’s even better.

You need to have at least 20 well-written reviews. Never use short sentenced reviews. It should not take you more than 5 minutes to write a good review and honour your commitment.

If you haven’t written any reviews yet, you still can review product previously bought from Amazon…This is a good starting point. If you never bought from Amazon, you still can review some products you bought elsewhere. You just won’t get the verifier badge next to your review (no big deal!)

Put the disclaimer, if any, at the end of your review: if you receive a product against a review you have to write it on your review but try to put it in a subtle way.

Never copy and paste the product description into your review. Just never do that.

The next advice is very important, try to review only the product on which you think you can give 5 stars. If you have many 3, 2 or 1 stars review, you won’t receive any coupon.

You will some times receive products you don’t like based on your personal preferences, so there is no need to post a negative review as long as the product is as described by its seller. I have once received a 1 star review stating that the product is too big. On my description, I was clearly stating that this is an extra large product and I also gave the dimensions. I felt that this review was unfair.

In short, try to give an honest review. Give a constructive opinion. If you don’t like the product, contact the seller directly and tell him clearly that you don’t like the product and you would prefer you don’t write any review (I’m sure he’ll agree). The worst thing is to give a product for review and receive a negative feedback… it feels like betrayal. You have the right to not like all the products you get, but have the courtesy to contact the seller before posting your review.

It won’t cost you anything to post a feedback, which different from a review. A feedback is about your experience purchasing items from the seller and has nothing to do with the product.